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Pheobe Wahl

Pheobe Wahl's work focuses on themes of comfort, fantasy, and intimacy with nature and one another.

I'm feeling inspired to reconnect with my desire to illustrate a picture book again after coming across Pheobe Wahl's work. I think that her illustrations encompass some of the themes that my recent work has been touching upon; a kind of nostalgia of childhood, the coziness of everyday moments and connection and nature. She also depicts motherhood in a way that resonates as this other blogger writes so beautifully.

I've become quite taken with her work and already bought two of her children's books for D; Sonya's Chickens and Little Witch Hazel. I also listened to this podcast with her on and found this short interview

Her work comprises of a range of media including painting and collage. If you look closely at the edges some of the elements you can see are cut and pasted. I like the idea of layering in this way and I feel it could be fun to experiment more in this way. It reminds me more of how i would work back in collage which I often found really exciting and inventive.


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